Brand/company: Sony Electronics

Funnel Data Points

Upper Funnel Data Points

  • Over the flight of the campaign Sony reached 1.6M Snapchatters, beating CPM benchmarks by 8%.
  • Sony successfully drove awareness and intent from the campaign as the Brand Lift Study showed a +13pt lift in Product Awareness, +11pt lift in Ad Awareness, and a +5pt lift in Action Intent.
    • Compared to norms, Sony beat Snapchat tech norms for product awareness by 6.5x, ad awareness norms by 1.8x, and action intent norms by 5x.

Lower Funnel Data Points

  • From the Media Agency:
    • 30% lower CPC compared to other Social platforms during this campaign
    • 3x higher CTR compared to other Social platforms
    • 68% lower CPLPV compare to other Social platforms, and 10% lower CPLPV than Google Demand Gen
  • From the BLS
    • Snapchat ads drove a +5pt lift in action intent, beating tech norms by 5x.

The Story

Sony Electronics – specifically, this campaign was for their new noise-canceling earbuds, the 1000X series. “We create products that connect creators with customers to create experiences that matter”

1000X series of headphones: “1000 X series of headphones that includes over ear and in ear headphones, with the best noise cancellation you can find on the market.”

Sony – global brand known for movies, electronics.

The Solution

How did the company get interested in Snapchat Ads?
From Sarah Houghton: “We wanted to start working with Snapchat to find a younger demographic of customers that was highly engaged, both with our ads and with the culture around them. We knew Snapchat was perfect, especially because we’ve been growing our influencer network and wanted to find the right place for the content that we’ve been creating. We loved using our influencer creative for this campaign. It feels so natural on Snapchat and really performs great in terms of bidding strategies. We chose to use auto bid for page view and clicks for top performance.”

One narrative I think we can also call out in this story is the creative. The media agency, Tinuiti, that worked with Sony called out “Snapchat paved the way for proving out the value of influencer-led creative, with some light repurposing across other channels due to the early success on Snap. We also expect Sony to lean much more heavily into this type of creative in the future.” 

The Result

The company saw a 310% increase in site traffic as a result of the campaign.

From Sarah Houghton:
“Snapchat is seeing some of the highest performance of any partner for the 1000 X campaign. We saw a remarkable 310% increase in site traffic from this campaign. It really exceeded our expectations. We’ve worked with Snapchat for a couple of years now and our performance only continues to improve. The team’s been great to help us test and try new things and evolve with our business strategy.”

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