Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to already own a domain name and/or have a website hosting plan in place before I can book a web-design project?
Not at all. Our service includes us handling those tasks for you; and for the record, neither need to be in place in order for design and development to begin (for instance, in the event you haven’t yet decided on a domain name and/or a hosting service).

What if I have little to no idea about design, user experience, etc.?
We’ve got the necessary chops in place to successfully work with whatever direction you can supply and handle all capacities of design and development as needed, including branding, graphic design, and copywriting.

How quickly can I expect my website to be finished and launched once my project kicks off?
That primarily depends on the complexity of your project. Also, the more content you can provide in a timely fashion, the faster your site can be built. That being said, we’re happy to help out with graphic design, brand identity (logos and such), and copywriting to whatever extent, if you’re in need.

Do web-design projects include setting up email?
Yes. Our hosting service of choice is SiteGround — like many other hosting services, their various packages all include email, and we can set up email accounts and forwarders for you (meaning, If you prefer to utilize a hosting service whose packages don’t include email, in most cases you can purchase an email add-on option for a nominal additional fee.

What about my social world?
Our service includes integration of your social profiles — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc — into your website. If you need help getting any social profiles created, completed, or adjusted, we can readily assist. Either way, two recommendations: 1) To best leverage the benefits each provides, make sure your social presence and your website are snugly connected; and 2) To best convey professionalism, create trust, and build loyalty, make sure your properties all reflect consistent, unified branding.

How does payment work?
In most cases, projects with a fee of $1500 or less require full payment up front. Above $1500, the typical arrangement is a 50% deposit to initiate the project, then the remaining 50% paid upon site launch. Venmo or PayPal are preferred. Once initial payment is made, the project commences and its timeline is activated.

What happens to my site once it’s launched?
You can hire us to manage it, take care of it yourself, or find someone else to handle content and maintenance adjustments.


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