Make It Mindboggling

Any given event has only two types of memorable outcomes — for your consideration and analysis, we present Exhibits A & B, respectively: Outcome 1 and Outcome 2. Regardless of size, budget, etc., to arrive at everyone’s happy place an event must combine the best possible planning with the best possible talent and execution. That’s the simple math of it. We’ve produced successful major and minor events for 25 years running, and have expertise in all phases. How can we help you realize your Outcome 1?

Event Services

  • Site scouting / venue relations
  • Permitting / licenses
  • Staffing / vendors
  • Tech consulting / acquisition
  • Top-to-bottom line-item plans
  • Event marketing plans
  • Sponsor wrangling
  • Media relations
  • Performer acquisition (of all kinds)
  • Onsite event-production staff (production & stage managers, PAs/runners, labor, etc)
  • Tech (sound, lighting, visuals) staff
  • Onsite vendor staff
  • Event advancing
  • Staffing of any / all production roles
  • Online production-related forms
  • Onsite communication gear
  • Tech installs & management
  • Media relations

Some History

  • Lagunitas Brewing Co.
  • Deschutes Brewery
  • Burning Man
  • Bohemian Carnival
  • LoveFest VIP
  • New Bohemia NYE VIP
  • Trapeze Worldwide
  • Burning Man
  • Lightning In A Bottle
  • Symbiosis Gathering
  • Crazy Maze
  • Sea of Dreams
  • How Weird Street Fair
  • Masquerotica
  • Circus Metropolus

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