Make a Statement

Brand identity is essentially the perceived personality of your art or entertainment business, reflecting what you do and what you offer as uniquely and memorably as possible. Brand = your overall image + Identity = the visual and expressive facets of that image. As the primary graphical face of your brand identity, your logo is like a badge or a coat of arms — a standalone visual element that capably and wholly represents you.

A Sampling of Our Logo Work

Bohemian Carnival logo by National Revue SuperHero Street Fair logo by National Revue FoxGrin Media logo - Designed by The National Revue Gooferman logo by National Revue Lust & Burlesque logo SexBombe Kabaret logo by National Revue
Labfrog logo by National Revue AXEplosion logo by The National Revue The Klown logo by National Revue Circus Metropolus logo by The National Revue Jolligood logo by National Revue Sweet Circus logo by The National Revue
Boe Gatiss logo by National Revue Theater Madcap logo by National Revue TrapezeSF logo by National Revue ZjitZjo logotype Cweed LLC logo Nesting Hearts logo by The National Revue
Carousel Consignment SF logo by National Revue TrashKan Marchink Band logo by National Revue FIRM Solutions by The National Revue Coconutso logo by National Revue SpookeasySF logo by National Revue ACR logo by National Revue

The Goods

Answer these three questions to start filling the sails of your superstar alter ego:

  • What do you do best?
  • What sets you apart?
  • How do you want to be recognized?

That information will directly inform the creation of your brand identity, which, when done right, should transform you into a bigger-than-life notion that people can’t get out of their heads — and, more importantly, love to support.

Brand identity relies heavily on an art + science epoxy that can be challenging to wrap your head around, especially if you’re new to it. Enlighten yourself with this article — entirely well worth the handful of minutes it’ll take to get through it.

The Numbers

The myriad factors influencing the creation of your singular brand identity all have an impact on fees, so defining generic rates isn’t realistic.

To arrive at a solid brand identity, you should look at the following components as parts of a necessary whole — meaning the whole shebang quickly loses its effectiveness the more of these you compromise or remove from your equation:

  • Name — Your all-important who-ness
  • Logo — Big recognition at a small glance
  • Tagline — Your single-floor elevator pitch
  • Voice & tone — Consistently flavored language
  • Typeface — Supportive font selection and manipulation

We can price the above out individually, in combination, or as a full package, depending on what you are or are not comfortable taking on yourself, and/or what you already have in place. Our advice: You don’t want to half-ass this facet of your career adventure. Be honest with yourself about your capabilities, and be willing to let experts help you, whether that’s us or someone else.


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