Welcome. Boenobo here, founder and creative director of The National Revue.

In Gemini fashion, there’s a definite duality to my existence: my entertainment pursuits — I’m a professional klown, musician, DJ, and event producer — and my creative/agency experience, including work with Google, PayPal, Microsoft, Kodak, Avid Technologies, and Yahoo! so far across the years.

The National Revue’s owned, operated and managed by yours truly. At its base, NatRev’s service suite is supported by a blend of 30+ years of creative-services experience in the (largely) high-tech corporate and agency worlds, and an equal number professionally in the entertainment, performance and event-production spaces.

The express purpose of The National Revue is to support entertainers, artists, entrepreneurs, and small businesses by providing them with access to affordable, salient creative-marketing services. Based on my experience, most in that extended camp of go-getters realize a much more favorable outcome when they focus on the development, expression, and enterprise of their native talents. It’s important to me to support that admirable verve with top-notch marketing resources and fair, affordable prices.

I hope that this site proves useful to you. If you have questions or comments / feedback, I’d love for you to pass those along. Use the contact form or call, whichever and whenever you prefer. Thanks — much appreciated!


Founder & Creative Director
The National Revue

Short Story Long

Credentials, explanations & more history below, if you’re so inclined.

In the interest of sparing you the potentially dubious effects of word bloat, the fine-ish print’s been encapsulated in the toggles below. Tap on a given item to expand or close it.

I’ve worked as a permanent employee for:

  • SGI (when it was Silicon Graphics) : 1994 – 1999
    Copywriter & Developer Partner Webmaster
  • Avid Technologies (when it was Digidesign) : 2001 – 2004
    Senior Marketing Copywriter & Product Specialist
  • Epsilon (when and after it was SolutionSet) : 2011 – 2015
    Associate Creative Director & Senior Marketing Copywriter

During the original DotCom era in 1999, I hung my freelance creative-services shingle as Propellent Creative after leaving SGI. The shop transitioned to throwing a wider net in 2004, and was renamed The National Revue (aka NatRev) accordingly. My client list via NatRev includes Google, PayPal, Kodak Gallery, Visa, Yahoo!, Adobe SystemsWyeth/Amgen, The North Face, SGI, ESPN, American Express, HP, Avid Technologies, Major League Baseball, The Huffington Post, Air Force Reserve, Burning ManSears, Blockbuster, PetSmart, WaMu, DEMO, and The Security Standard, and agencies such as Razorfish, Kessler Group, Ogilvy One, Modem Media, Gyro International, Decision Counsel, and Epsilon.

I founded, co-founded and/or currently co-produce:

  • The Klown
    My renaissance-ape klown personae bounced out of the sludge in 2001/2002, partly as a result of Gooferman’s early evolutions. I’ve produced events, DJ’d, performed and walked around the house in that alter-ego altered state ever since.
  • Trapeze Worldwide
    The internationally acclaimed bass music / electroswing / swing-hop / glitch / breaks dance party and burlesque showcase, now in its 6th year.
  • Bohemian Carnival
    The critically acclaimed ‘indie circus and music orgy’ showcase variety show and dance party; a monthly for the first 6 years, now occasional, still ticking 12 years and counting.
  • TrashKan Marchink Band
    The all-klown, trashcan-pounding, horn-blowing marching band, now in its 9th year.
  • Gooferman
    The all-klown electro-funk band, now in its 17th year.
  • The Klowns
    The Bay Area-and-beyond collective inclusive of The Kops, now in its 17th year.
  • Red Nose District
    The 100-250-person seminal circus camp and destination of choice at Burning Man
  • Circus Metropolus
    The special-ops, SF-based performance and event production collective, co-producer of Bohemian Carnival, LoveFest VIP, and Crazy Maze, among others, and parent biz of The National Revue.
  • ZjitZjo
    I founded this musical micro-circus of a band in 2015 as pithier extension of The Klown’s DJ adventures — electronics with horns, percussion, mouths and a bombastic stage show.

I’ve worked in performer, crew member, music director, and special ops marketing capacities for Vau de Vire Society since 2006.

I’ve operated in associate-producer and/or business-partner capacities with or for New Bohemia NYE VIP, Lagunitas Brewing Company, Vau de Vire Society, the Edwardian Ball®, Burning ManSymbiosis Gathering, Sand By The Ton, and others.

I’ve performed at Electric Daisy Carnival, Bumbershoot, New Orleans Jazz Festival, Lightning In A Bottle, Symbiosis Gathering, Hardly Strictly Blue Grass, Burning Man, Lagunitas Beer Circus, Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend, Drai’s in Las Vegas, Vegoose, Download Festival, LoveFest911 Magazine’s Super Village Superbowl Party, Edwardian Ball, Exotic Erotic Ball, New Bohemia NYE, Sea of Dreams, How Weird Street FairMasquerotica, The Soiled Dove, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’s Easter Party, SF Pride Parade, and Deschutes Brewery’s CycloCross Crusade, as well as myriad music and dance venues across the country.

I’m sponsored by Lagunitas Brewing Company and occasionally Deschutes Brewery.